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Thanks for visiting Tiny Terrains!

Thanks so much for visiting my shop!  Tiny Terrains was created 10 years ago to help people add some more nature to their lives. This technical world is so disconnected from all the beauty that surrounds us.  I wanted to create simple designs that were unique and fun yet simple for anyone to care for.  








Thank you so much for visiting my shop! I have been selling terrariums for over 4 years and have fulfilled almost 6000 orders! This is my new site that I have created outside of Etsy to allow me to branch out and bring my customers a bigger variety of what they love!  You can check out my 1265+ positive reviews here. (Everything found in my Etsy store can also be found here.) I believe in top notch customer service and want happy customers so don't hesitate to contact me for anything.



A Little About Me:  Lisa Jones

I am a girl obsessed with plants, as a teenager, my room looked like a jungle and I spent my days growing massive gardens from every seed I could get my hands on. Finding a wonderful mentor in my old Australian neighbor, she taught me how to grow vegetable gardens that would feed the whole block.  For college, I attended the University of California, Riverside, with their beautiful botanical gardens and received my bachelors of science in Environmental Science (the study of air, soil, plants and water and how they all interact).

I moved to the Great Northwest (Spokane, Washington) 9 years ago to be closer to nature. I found myself a home filled with windows and surrounded by beautiful large trees.  It is lovingly referred to as "The Treehouse". It is just what I need to feel like I am outside 24/7, far away from flourescent lights and cubicles. We back up to the forest which allows for lots of hiking and sledding fun and the river is at the bottom of our street.

The winters are long here, I love the cold but waiting for things to green up outside can feel like an eternity.  So I decided to rekindle my love for terrariums, letting me garden year round and have nature inside and outside.  I have the curse of perfectionism, which prevents a lot of the things I dream about from becoming a reality.  But when I create terrariums, that all falls away and I create with abandon.  The world can be such a complicated, overwhelming place and I love creating this perfect serene little world encased in glass.

As our world becomes more and more technical, I think it is so important to reconnect with nature as often as possible.